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Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50 Essential Concepts

By Peter Bruce, Andrew Bruce

Statistical methods are a key part of of data science, yet very few data scientists have any formal statistics training. Courses and books on basic statistics rarely cover the topic from a data science perspective. This practical guide explains how to apply various statistical methods to data science, tells you how to avoid their misuse, and gives you advice on what's important and what's not.
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Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics
Neil J. Salkind

The Sixth Edition of Neil J. Salkind’s best-selling Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics promises to ease student anxiety around an often intimidating subject with a humorous, personable, and informative approach. Salkind guides students through various statistical procedures, beginning with descriptive statistics, correlation, and graphical representation of data, and ending with inferential techniques and analysis of variance. > Buy Now

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Statistics For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science))
Deborah J. Rumsey

Welcome to statistics. This friendly guide offers clear, practical explanations of statistical ideas, techniques, formulas, and calculations. It features lots of examples that show how statistical concepts apply to your everyday life. You'll see how to take the margin of error out of opinion polls and how to analyze data for improved classroon and on-the-job performance. Chances are, this book will be your number one resource for discovering how applied statistics figures into your corner of the universe. > Buy Now

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Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide
Alex Reinhart

Statistical analysis is tricky to get right, even for the best and brightest of us. You'd be surprised how many scientists are doing it wrong. Statistics Done Wrong is a pithy, essential guide to statistical blunders in modern science that will show you how to keep your research blunder-free. You'll examine embarrassing errors in recent research, learn about the misconceptions that allow mistakes to happen, and begin your quest to reform the way you and your peers do statistics. > Buy Now

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Statistics for Absolute Beginners

This book guides beginners through the fundamentals of inferential and descriptive statistics with a mix of practical demonstrations, visual examples, historical origins, and plain English explanations. As a resource for beginners, this book won't teach you how to beat the market or predict the next U.S. election, but it will provide a concise and simple-to-understand suplement to a standard textbook. > Buy Now

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Statistics, 4th Edition
David Freedman, Robert Pisani, Roger Purves

A painless introduction to statistics. This book teaches students how to think about statistical issues. It is not 'mathy'. This means it requires only common sense, not an intensive mathematical background. The authors clearly cover all of the topics one would want to include in a first course. Real examples are used throughout to illustrate the value of the methods. All in all, a painless introduction to the world of statistcs. > Buy Now

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Statistics II for Dummies
Deborah J. Rumsey

Packed with fresh and practical examples appropriate for a range of degree-seeking students, Statistics II For Dummies helps any reader succeed in an upper-level statistics course. It picks up with data analysis where Statistics For Dummies left off, featuring new and updated examples, real-world applications, and test-taking strategies for success. This easy-to-understand guide covers such key topics as sorting and testing models, using regression to make predictions, performing variance analysis (ANOVA), drawing test conclusions with chi-squares, and making comparisons with the Rank Sum Test. > Buy Now

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The Humongous Book of Statistics Problems (Humongous Books)
W. Michael Kelley, Robert A. Donnelly

Most math and science study guides are dry and difficult, but this is the exception. Bestselling author Mike Kelley takes a typical statistics workbook, full of solved problems, and writes notes in the margins, adding missing steps and simplifying concepts and solutions. By learning how to interpret and solve problems as they are presented in statistics courses, students prepare to solve those difficult problems that were never discussed in class but are always on exams. One warning: There are a few typos, but they are usually easy to spot. > Buy Now

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Statistics, 11th Edition
Robert S. Witte

The text clearly explains the basic concepts and procedures of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. It features an emphasis on expressions involving sums of squares and degrees of freedom as well as a strong stress on the importance of variability. This book covers such topics as the standard deviation, variance interpretation of the correlation coefficient, hypothesis tests, degrees of freedom, p-values, and estimates of effect size. > Buy Now

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Statistics for the Utterly Confused, 2nd edition
Lloyd Jaisingh

The message of Statistics for the Utterly Confused is simple: you don't have to be confused anymore. Updated and expanded to give you the latest changes in the field, this up-to-the-minute edition includes many new examples of Excel output, the most widely used of all statistics programs; a new chapter on Analysis of Variance (ANOVA); and 200 additions to the 700 self-testing questions and answers. The expert author's Website also gives you tons of fresh examples, practice problems, and strategies--so you can go from utterly confused to totally prepared in no time! > Buy Now

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Understandable Statistics
Charles Henry Brase, Corrinne Pellillo Brase

This may be the most readable introductory statistics text available. Questions at the beginning of each chapter stimulate interest in chapter topics (e.g., how often do lie detectors lie). Guided exercises clearly show steps for applying statistical methods to solve real-world problems. Definition boxes highlight important terms. The use of graphing calculators, Excel, Minitab, and SPSS is covered though not required. > Buy Now

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CliffsQuickReview Statistics
David H. Voelker, Peter Z. Orton, Scott Adams

This fast, effective tutorial helps you master core statistical concepts - numerical measures, probability, and sampling to principles of testing, univariate inferential tests, and bivariate relationships - and get the best possible grade. This is a great introductory or refresher text. Once you have mastered the contents of this brief book, try the traditional texts - they'll make more sense. > Buy Now

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Statistics: Methods and Applications
Thomas Hill, Paul Lewicki

This book was written without assuming that the reader has any prior knowledge of statistics. Instead, it successfully guides the reader all the way from the basic foundations of statistical reasoning, to the most advanced, cutting-edge methods. It includes hundreds of examples and thousands of illustrations created with leading edge data visualization and data mining software. This unusually comprehensive book includes also chapters on industrial statistics, on the emerging areas of predictive analytics, data mining and text mining, and a 200-page, illustrated Glossary of statistical terms. A coupon in the book entitles the reader to receive a CD with the electronic, hypertext version, which includes color graphics and animations. > Buy Now

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Statistics Explained: A Guide for Social Science Students, 2nd Edition
Perry R. Hinton

Statistics Explained clearly outlines the major statistical tests used by undergraduates in the social sciences. It provides easy-to-understand explanations of how and why they are used and makes statistics much less mysterious. This book is a simple introduction to the jargon, shows when to be skeptical about results, and guides you in using computers for statistical analysis. > Buy Now

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Kaplan AP Statistics 2014 (Kaplan Test Prep)
Bruce Simmons, Mary Jean Bland, Barbara Wojciechowski

This text contains many essential features to help improve test scores, including: full-length practice tests and a diagnostic test to target areas for score improvement, detailed explanations, and tips and strategies for scoring higher. This text helps students get comfortable with the test format, prepare for pitfalls, and arm themselves with sensible study strategies. > Buy Now

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